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Love Street Pizza
The vision of an innovative pizza maker

Love Street Pizza </ strong>is the innovative project of Giuseppe Serulo (Peppe for everyone), a pizza maker from Campania with twenty years of experience.
In 2019, thanks also to some childhood friends and with the support of family members, he embarks on a new business.
On a classic APE Piaggio places a traditional wood-burning oven by “NAPOLETANI FORNAI” created with refractory material, covered in red mosaic and Sorrento biscuit top.

Tradition and innovation

An innovative idea but with respect for tradition. The peculiarity of this project lies in the fact that the pizzas are made at the moment, in front of the customers’ eyes, using fresh and top quality ingredients. The pizza is therefore delivered “in wallet”, observing the traditional method of consuming pizza in Naples, especially on the street, folding it in four and serving it in the typical sheet of straw paper.

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Love Street Pizza
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